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  |   SILVER 22.37 / 22.48
  |   PLATINUM 950.18 / 961.07
  |   PALLADIUM 1,840.61 / 1,876.40

Drop Shipping Services

>Drop Shipping Services
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Dealers are encouraged to utilize our discrete, safe, and fast drop shipping services at no additional cost. Discuss your needs with us and we can create a custom solution that is right for your business.

What is drop shipping?

  1. You place an order with us to cover product you sold on behalf of your customer.
  2. We ship white label directly to your customer on your behalf. We will never solicit your customer.


White label shipping means we do not reference our company anywhere in or on the box. The packing slip only has your contact information and the customer information.


Why would I use drop shipping?

  • Saves you money on shipping and we cover the insurance.
  • Speeds up delivery time for your customer because it goes direct to their door.
  • Increase your sales by offering products and quantity you wouldn't normally keep in stock.


Interested in opening a dealer account? Find out more or call the trade desk.