GOLD 1,779.03 / 1,781.60
  |   SILVER 22.40 / 22.51
  |   PLATINUM 950.94 / 961.83
  |   PALLADIUM 1,840.61 / 1,876.16

Ordering Policies

>Ordering Policies
Ordering Policies 2019-01-21T08:55:31-05:00

Confirmation of Price

When placing an order or selling to Upstate Coin & Gold, all transaction are locked in at the time of purchase or sale, and your order cannot be cancelled once we have issued a confirmation number. Payment must be made within 24 hours and received by us within five (5) business days for purchases made by business check, bank or cashier’s check and within two (2) business days for purchases made by wire transfer unless you and the trading desk agree to alternative terms.

When selling to us, the sale price is locked in and the sale cannot be cancelled once you have been issued a confirmation number. All sales confirmed with our trade desk must be shipped to our facility within two (2) business days, unless other terms have been agreed up with the UCG Trading Desk.  If we do not receive the items within seven (7) business days, we reserve the right to purchase your items at current market value or decline the sale altogether. All purchases or sales with Upstate Coin & Gold constitute a legally binding agreement.

Market Loss Policy

When purchasing from or selling to Upstate Coin & Gold, you are immediately issued a confirmation number that is a binding agreement locking your transaction in with our trade desk. This confirms the transaction as well as the prices agreed upon by both parties, and it cannot be cancelled once confirmed. If you default on the transaction, we reserve the right to recover any losses we incur due to any changes in spot prices and product premiums as well as a $39.50 cancellation fee.

Any market fluctuation in the price of the product from the time you confirm and when you cancel is your liability. You will be responsible for compensating the cost of any losses obtained during this period.

It is important to understand and agree that any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of Upstate Coin & Gold and cannot be used to offset the $39.50 cancellation fee.

Payment Options

Buying from UCG

We accept Bank Wire Transfer, ACH, & Business Checks as acceptable means of payment for online and phone trades.

Selling to UCG

We can pay you via check, ACH (no cost), or wire ($35).  Overnight checks are available for $20.  We recommend you advise your payment preferences with us and notify us at time of  confirmation to request a wire or overnight check.  Same day cut off for wire or overnight checks is 12:00 pm EST to allow time to process.

Sales Tax

New York State does not required us to collect sales tax for resale orders however it does require we maintain a NYS Resale Certificate (Form ST-120) for dealers to show the transaction is for resale

Cancellation of Orders

Whether buying or selling, all prices are locked in once we have issued a confirmation number.  All transactions are final, however in the event a dealer fails to complete the transaction, all orders are subject to our market loss policy as well as an additional $39.50 cancellation fee.  Any market gain that may occur as a result of cancellations goes to Upstate Coin & Gold. We also reserve the right to cancel any orders when the confirmed price is incorrect for any reason. In addition, we may cancel your order at any time if we do not receive your payments in the time frame outlined above.

Please be aware when using our online trading platform whether you are placing a BUY (from UCG) or SELL (to UCG) order.  You are responsible in the event you place an order in the wrong direction and will cost you money if you make this error. All counter-party risk instantly and electronically with our bank when you place an order.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is important to us so we make returns an easy and safe process. Qualifying orders may be returned for exchange.  Bullion may not returned.  Numismatics may only be returned or exchanged if specified during the confirmation or otherwise it is assumed there are no return privileges.  Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) privileges must be requested within 48 hours of receipt.Should you wish to liquidate your purchase any time after this period has expired, we will buy it back at our prevailing buy price rates.  Returns must be received at our facility within 7 business days after issuing an RMA confirmation. Our receiving department cannot process returned products that are received without an RMA. Please contact us to request an RMA. Please allow 24-72 hours for our accounting department to process your request.

Shipping Details

Shipping times seen on the individual product pages are calculated from the time after your full payment via wire/check is processed. Orders are shipped once the entire payment has been fully processed. We may ship the entire order in one or multiple boxes and on the same or separate days. Your order may come from the one or more of our warehouses. This determination is made by our operations department base on your order size, value, and weight, and variety. Our supply chain is designed to deliver your product safely and quickly to your hands at the lowest possible cost. We promise to keep you updated with shipping information throughout the process.

All shipments from Upstate Coin & Gold are covered under our shipping insurance policy. In the unlikely event there is a problem with your shipment during transit, we will work with you to ensure you receive the products you ordered. However, we will not accept responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages if 1) you have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels unattended, 2) you have requested to waive the required signature, and/or 3) you or your customer have advised any delivery personnel to leave your package with someone else other than who is listed on the shipping address, such as a building manager, neighbor, or drop-off location.

If you believe your package has been lost or stolen, it is extremely important that you contact Upstate Coin & Gold immediately.

In the unlikely event that a package has not been delivered, we will not be able refund or reship the purchased product until the appropriate carrier has notified us in writing that said package has been declared lost and/or stolen. At that point in time we will, in our sole discretion, either replace the original product or refund the full purchase price.